6 Tips For Preventing Carpel Tunnel as a Lash Artist - Part 3/3

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2019

Let’s face it; your hands are essential as a lash artist.

That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to keep your hands healthy for as long as
possible. Follow these 6 tips to protect your hands.

Bending your wrist in any direction increases pressure in the carpal tunnel. 
Working with your wrist bent out toward your little finger is called ulnar
deviation, which also increases this pressure.

  • Keep wrists straight.
    Move with your entire hand, wrist and forearm as a unit. This
    transfers the workload from smaller hand muscles to larger arm and
    shoulder muscles. 
  • Use the pinky finger to stabilize your pick up tweezer.
    This reduces the thumb pinch force and muscle workloads in the
  • Rather than twisting the wrists to access hard to reach areas,
    try moving the client’s head.
    The ability to move your client’s head allows for proper positioning of your hands.
  • Maintain a neutral wrist posture using a soft wrist wrap. 
    “I originally invented the LashWrap as a new lash artist, because my
    back hurt from bending to one side of the client over and over to pick
    up lashes off of a tile.  It helped me immensely with my back and
    sped up my appointment times right away, but after receiving
    feedback from other lash artists, they were noticing decreased wrist
    pain as another positive side effect.  Limiting wrist flexion to between
    0 and 20 degrees is ideal.  Anything over 30 degree flexion for
    prolonged periods of time will increase the probability of cumulative
    trauma disorder (CTD).”


Specific tweezer features can reduce carpal tunnel compression. Look for
tweezers that:

  • are lightweight
  • are precise
  • open/close easily
  • don’t open too far
  • aren’t too excessive in length


A forceful pinch grip has been shown to increase pressure in the carpal
tunnel; this pressure is even higher when combined with wrist ulnar
deviation (when the wrist is bent out toward the pinky finger).

Finding a high-quality tweezer that opens/closes easily can mean the
difference between numbness and tingling during lash appointments and
no pain at all.  Whenever possible, try them out first. 



Constantly modifying your ergonomic environment helps avoid structural
damage in specific muscles by allowing for different muscle parts of your
body to be active.

For example, instead of using the same tweezer every appointment, switch
it up once in a while. You can alternate between stools and pillows too.



Another aggravating risk factor associated with CTS is exposure to cold. 
Avoid positioning your neck, shoulders and hands directly in the draft of an
air conditioner or working in cold environments.



Make it a habit to take sufficient breaks between appointments. Stretch
breaks are the most helpful intervention for hand/wrist pain as it helps
increase blood flow and reduce formation of trigger points. 

If you have mild carpal tunnel symptoms, you should be gently stretching 3-
5 times per day.


Try these stretches out; recommended by  @lash_happy_club.




This article is written by Malaena Kelson. Malaena is what you call a true
enthusiast of health and wellbeing. She’s not only a Certified Ergonomics
Specialist, but she’s also the proud founder of @lash_happy_club and
@lashwrap .

If you are struggling with lashing ergonomically, feel free to send Malaena a
direct message on Instagram for one-on-one consultations.


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