How Your Lash Chair Might Be Hurting You

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2020

We are often told that a poor SAD (standard American diet) is the cause of our heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Eating all the right plant-based foods, (while excellent for your figure) is not the only thing to pay attention to.


Well exercise too, that’s important right? One hour of exercise or yoga a day (also excellent for your figure) still won’t be enough to combat the effects of this massively overlooked issue.

There is an entirely equally important factor that gets overlooked regarding our health.




Just last week my client came to get a fill and was explaining to me how much her husband’s back hurts from sitting all day at work, she was wondering if I ever get back pain too.

Oh deary, is there any Lash Professional that doesn’t get back pain?



*Note: There is now after launching the Lash Happy Academy; Lash Happy & Healthy Forever online course. See end of this article for more information on how you can Lash Happy Forever too.

Over and over I hear the same complaints about back pain from clients or about their loved ones, and almost always the major contributing factor in each case, is it’s happening to someone who sits all day long.

Eighty percent of Americans at some point in their lives visit a medical professional about back pain. Lash Professionals are no exception to this statistic.

Not too long ago we had to walk everywhere to gather food and hunt just to survive. Our bodies are designed for walking and moving much more than just an hour a day. Our bio-chemistry doesn’t work properly unless we get in a LOT of walking.

Let’s quickly go over what a Lash Artist typically does in a day.

Wake up and on a good day spend about an hour exercising or doing yoga, or maybe take your dog for a walk. Then sit to eat breakfast. Sit in the car on the way to work.

Sit at work for anywhere from 6-10 hours. Sit in the car on the way home. Then sit to eat dinner, and sit to edit lash photos, or binge your favorite Netflix show. Go to sleep, then do it all over again, five to six times a week.

According to Dr. Turner Osler, a research epidemiologist from the University of Vermont, sitting all day is most likely the source of all these health problems like hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes.

He calls it the “sitting disease”.

Virtually all office chairs are the same. They put your hips at a 90 degree angle, offer some low back support, and allow you to adjust your height. Yes there are some fancy ones with extra bells and whistles but if any of them actually helped to improve the effects of sitting, why do we still have back pain?


After researching how to keep the low back healthy, I found the obvious next option to be the trendy yoga ball chairs which put you in “active sitting”.

Active sitting requires movement which provides nutrients to your spinal discs, keeps the pressure off those discs, and increases your metabolic rate. However as a Lash Professional a yoga ball presents some problems…you pump it up, hope it’s the right height with the right amount of pressure, and really hope that your pointy lash tweezers don’t land on it, sending you down to the ground faster than you can say “volume”. Yoga balls are made from fairly cheap plastic, you never know when it might go pop.

Of course, the next logical option is standing. Yes, believe it or not there are Lash Artists out there who stand. It seems to be a growing movement in the industry as well as the greatest new thing in the office job world.

In 2018 a paper was released that followed 7,300 people for 10 years. Half of them were in standing occupations and the other half were sitting. Those that were standing had 2x the rate of heart attacks.

When you are standing still, the muscles in your legs don’t squeeze and pump blood rhythmically with your heart like they would if you were walking. Blood vessels dilate, and your blood just hangs out without much circulation. This is a breeding ground for heart attacks.

Dr. Turner Osler has stripped miles of varicose veins out of people who stood for their careers. The operation diminished greatly when assembly line workers were replaced with machines, but he foresees an increase in this operation again because of the standing desk fad.

A saddle stool then, seems to be the most popular option in esthetics. It helps to create a similar low back curve to that of standing – good. It keeps your hips at an angel greater than 90 degrees – good.


However they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, if you don’t find the perfect fit for you, you can cause serious damage to your hips and possibly over extend your low back. You know how your crotch gets sore after an hour of riding a horse, well imagine 8 hours of a saddle stool lashing!

Yeah yeah, you might get used to it, but do you really want to? Saddle chairs can be good in small doses…but only if they fit you properly. I could write a whole other article on lack of back rests when lashing, but let’s just say, a constant contraction of upper back muscles can cause a whole host of other issues, seemingly unrelated.

In all my research, I found the holy grail of chairs.

The chair that fit every one of my requirements. The Tango by Core Chair. It allows for active sitting giving the nutrients your spinal discs need, has enough cushion to keep your crotch and hips happy, and just the right amount of adjustable back support that all Lash Artists require.

To find out more about the Tango chair by Core Chair just visit Be sure to use the code LASHHAPPY to receive an extra special discount, and FREE shipping!

Getting the perfect lash chair won’t solve all the problems a Lash Artist struggles with, but it’s a great start. To find out how to keep your entire body happy and healthy, so you can continue your career for years to come check out for the world’s first and most comprehensive Lash Artist Health continuing education online course(s).

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This article was written by Malaena Kelson, CEAS (Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist), Lash Artist of 7 years, and inventor of the LashWrap. She created the Lash Happy & Healthy Forever course in October of 2019 after years of pain brought on by lashing. She found the solutions and is dedicated to helping other Lash Artists find lasting health and happiness so that they can truly LIVE life and enjoy it along the way.

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