The 1 Critical Thing For Health and Weightloss For lash Artists

hydration lemon watter Jul 16, 2020

This article is not just another basic write up like the other 500 articles you have read about the importance of hydration.  Stick with me because I’ll share some  important info especially for Lash Artists...



By 8am in the morning you have probably gone almost 12 full hours without water.  Our blood is 90% water so we really need to quite literally flood it with H2O.   It’s critically important for you to wake back up the digestive system with fluid, and flush the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system first thing in the morning. 


It’s easy to forget this important step and rush to get ready and get to work...or get kids off to school etc...and typically the first thing we drink in the morning includes caffeine.  If you stay hydrated with the steps I outline below you will feel less fatigued, and tired throughout the day.  You will have started the day positively, supporting your body and your mind, which will spill over to the rest of your life.


Not only does hydration first thing in the morning wake everything back up, and help to begin flushing our system, but it is also one of the most important things you can do for weight loss.  Who doesn't love that?!


Drinking lot's of water just isn't enough though, the type of water you drink is important too.  Imagine our digestive system is a furnace, the last thing you want to do is pour ice water onto a furnace and then try and get it to work at maximum capacity.  Cold water weakens the digestive system, so start your day with WARM to HOT water.  


Make sure your water is clean (no tap water allowed).  There are a lot of awesome water filtration devices out there, it may just take a little bit of research to find the system that fits your needs and your budget.  Berkey Water Filters are a favorite in the natural health community, you can find more info on them here.  


 Your body needs to adjust to the amount of water you are drinking so you can start with 8-12oz right when you wake up, but try to work up to 16oz.


Adding in a full squeezed fresh lemon will help you to get natural enzymes in your system right away.  Acidity from the lemon will open bile ducts from the liver and move the lymphatic system.  As the lemon moves through your body it becomes more alkaline.


You can also add a pinch of Himalayan Salt to increase electrolytes.  They are important for moving micro-nutrients like sodium and potassium in and out of your cells.  Electrolytes are particularly important for maintaining hydration levels, as the movement of sodium and potassium in and out of cells determines how much water our body retains or flushes out. We have lots of nerve endings in our connective tissue, and these slightly charged electrolyte particles (hence the name electrolytes) help to carry electrical impulses around the body.  They do lot’s of things, so be sure to add a pinch of Himalayan Salt to your mornings warm lemon brew.

*Helpful Tip: I like to add a squirt of Stevia or natural honey to my warm lemon/salt water*


Be sure to continue your water intake throughout the day with half your body weight in ounces of water!  Drink more if you are sweating more, like after a workout or in summertime.

Increasing hydration in your body is not only about drinking more water though.  There are a few other ways to help increase hydration...


  • Move the body (if you are trying to lose weight, then ideally it’s first thing in the morning unless you have adrenal issues).  Move for at least 30 minutes and get sweating,  this will help to get those toxins out that you just loosened up by drinking 16oz of water.  


  • When our lymphatic system is congested we build up cellulite.  We can get bogged down with the accumulation of toxins in our lymphatic system.  Vigorous massage can help get that moved through our bodies.  I will do a specific article on the lymph system and ways to help toxin removal in the future!


  •   In the Lash Happy course we teach you how to make and use an excellent tool called the Juicy Roller that allows you to release your connective tissue (fascia), and flush the lymph system at the same time.  It can be used anytime during the day, but right after hydrating yourself and exercise is ideal for maximum toxin removal benefits.

 Quick recap of the hydration steps :











This is a topic that may not seem too related to lashing but if I took a poll to ask how many of you stop long enough to even drink water during a busy lashing day, I’m pretty sure 90% of you would admit to needing to drink more.  Because a Lash Artist sits all day, and stagnant bodies is the norm…this is a MUST to keep ourselves healthy, feeling alive, and much less fatigued.


Hopefully these tips and information give you a little more motivation to get in the right amount of water, and at the right time of the day! 


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Malaena Kelson, is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist, Lash Artist, Speaker and Creator of the world’s most comprehensive Lash Artist Health online course.  She teaches Lash Artists to recognize how their small actions over time can affect their mental, emotional, and physical health, so that they can learn to live their best life, and eventually teach others to do the same.



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