The 3 Biggest Problems With Your Lashing Posture

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2020

Doing eyelash extensions is HARD.  We can all agree that taking more than 6 appointments in a day can leave you feeling exhausted and in pain right?!


When you are taking 6 clients in a day and looking like THIS while doing it (see image below), honey, you better just start looking for a new career because yours is going to be over before you can spell out the word


When I was younger, I would walk in from the smoldering 115 degree desert of our backyard , while checking to see how much whiter the skin under my oh so carefully placed heart sticker looked, and my mom would say, “You better be careful, you are gonna get wrinkles when you get old”.  Being my immortal teenage self, I was completely above wrinkles, and there was no way I would end up like every other person.. on the planet... who spends that much time in the sun.  


I have no cute tan line heart tattoo to show for all that time wasted and I wasn’t actually immune to the sun’s wrinkle causing rays, what?!  So here we are now, countless botox units later...turns out my mom was right (how surprising).


I tell this story because all I wanted, and all I was thinking about when laying out in the literal desert for hours on end, was how white I could make that skin under that sticker look.  Silly I know, but browner was always better at 16 years old.


Well to be honest, I still follow the rule that browner is better, at least on me anyway...but I’ve learned how to achieve what I want without the damage that will inevitably come from the sun’s rays. (Thank goodness for tanning lotion!)


When I started lashing, I only wanted to know how to pick up an extension, put glue on it, and place it correctly. 

I was only interested in getting better and faster.

There was no way I would get pain from lashing, pssshhh that’s ridiculous. 

All I had to do was learn the skills and practice, then I would work full time (have my super dark wrinkle free skin) and live happily ever after!


Well just like my mom was right about sun damage and wrinkles, I’m telling you now...micro-trauma for Lash Artists is real and can cause major problems for you down the line.  Improper posture while lashing is death to your career….and not only that but your life. Living in daily pain is not living...and you are NOT immune.


Here are 3 postural mistakes to avoid while lashing:

  • Rounding your lower back.  When you round your lower back while sitting you are putting 200x more pressure on your spinal discs than when you are standing up straight in a neutral position.  We talk extensively about why this is so bad in the Lash Happy online course, but the short answer is it can very quickly lead to chronic low back pain and slipped or herniated discs.

  • Forward Head Posture.  I could go on and on about the effects of forward head posture.  30% loss of vital lung capacity, increased headaches/migraines, carpal tunnel, asthma, and even digestion issues.  Your head should not go forward more than 25 degrees and for any longer than 4 hours a day. Pay attention to how you lash, if you don’t know how to fix this issue and need help finding the right can purchase the online Lash Happy course (we have dedicated a whole lesson to the cervical[neck] spine), or jump onto our website and schedule a private consultation.

  • Your thighs at, or less than 90 degrees.  Ideally your legs should be positioned between 105-120 degrees.  This keeps your low back in a more neutral position while helping to increase blood circulation to the lower half of your body.  Additionally your legs should never be further apart than shoulder width. (NEVER lash with your legs and hips open wide).  



As you can see in the picture, even though she is using a saddle stool, it is too low for her height and her legs are actually angled at less than 90 degrees.  Even with “the right” tools, if they are not used properly for YOUR body type, and YOUR personal lashing can still find yourself with pain and micro-traumas which can lead to so many different musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and possibly career ending injury.


Don’t be like me and spend hours in the sun thinking the consequences don’t apply...don’t be like me and learn to lash without getting educated on how to do it properly and why. 

I’ve created everything you could possibly need to know about keeping your whole body healthy while lashing, and you can find all the options on my site HERE.  Our premium course is currently 50% OFF, but we don’t know for how much longer!

I am Malaena Kelson, a Certified Ergonomics Specialist, Lash Artists, and Creator of the world’s most comprehensive Lash Artist Health course.  I educate and teach Lash Artists how to recognize and change the small choices and actions that can negatively affect their physical, mental, and emotional health in big ways; so that they can begin to make positive changes, discover how to live their best life, and eventually teach others how to do the same.


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