What’s the Problem with Sitting?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2020


There are a lot of occupations that use the same set of muscles over and over.  Assembly-line workers, sculptors, musicians, hairdressers, and Lash Artists. As a Lash Artist we are tied to a specific position all day that can cause repetitive stress injuries. 


When you get up from a long day of lashing, it’s likely you may start to see rounding of the upper back, with a head that juts forward and concave chest.


What you can’t see are the contracted muscles at the front and side of the neck, the shortened biceps (both factors in carpal-tunnel syndrome), forearms chronically in spasm from holding tweezers, tight hip flexors, compressed nerves in the pelvis, and buttocks with impaired blood circulation. 


Did you know that when you sit on your butt all day, your gluteus muscles stop working? The glutes are not just something to sit on; they’re major muscles that you need to stand up, jump, and walk up stairs.  


Put all these consequences of sitting at a lash table together, and you’ve got lower-back pain, neck pain, pain between your shoulder blades, migraines, a painful jaw (TMJ) and possibly numbness and tingling in the forearms and hands from carpal tunnel syndrome. 



I created the first ever Lash Artist Health Course so you can learn how to combat these problems and prevent them in your future.  I understand completely what it’s like to work and live in pain, I can’t wait to show you that there is another way! We are going to teach you how to Lash Happy, so you can Live Happy and enjoy your career for as long as you want to! 


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