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The 1 Critical Thing For Health and Weightloss For lash Artists

hydration lemon watter Jul 16, 2020

This article is not just another basic write up like the other 500 articles you have read about the importance of hydration.  Stick with me because I’ll share some  important info especially for Lash Artists...



By 8am in the morning you have probably gone almost 12 full hours without water.  Our blood is 90% water so we really need to quite literally flood it with H2O.   It’s critically important for you to wake back up the digestive system with fluid, and flush the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system first thing in the morning. 


It’s easy to forget this important step and rush to get ready and get to work...or get kids off to school etc...and typically the first thing we drink in the morning includes caffeine.  If you stay hydrated with the steps I outline below you will feel less fatigued, and tired throughout the day.  You will have started the day positively, supporting your body and your mind, which will...

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