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Why N95 Masks Are Not Enough For Lash Artists

In the past there has been confusion regarding masks and lashing.  What works? What doesn’t? What are we actually protecting ourselves from?  Viruses and bacteria yes, but there is more to it than that for Lash Artists.  


With the current world situation, not wearing a face covering is no longer an option. It’s totally a great thing in our opinion, because any sort of face covering as a Lash Artist is going to help your client feel more comfortable.  However, in this article we really want to break down for you why a fabric or surgical mask, or even an N95 mask may not be enough for a Lash Artist.


As more education and information came out about cyanoacrylate and the fumes it can cause, half face respirator masks, N95, or masks marked CV began showing up.  When we throw the virus in the mix, with the CDC telling us we can even make our own masks out of cotton...things can get confusing really fast.  Let’s break down...

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