You don't have to beat yourself up to help others feel pretty.

You CAN lash pain free. Forever.


"You can't go back and change the begining...

but you can start where you are and change the ending."

Are You In Pain?

Neck, back, shoulders, eyes, hands, wrists...there is nothing we don't cover in the course!  You don't have to live in pain, in our world it doesn't "come with the job".

Worried about your future?

Let me be your guide.  Learn how you can extend your career not end it early.  Course graduates have a 25% INCREASE in hours worked, while also REDUCING their pain by an average of 50%.

Want To Help Other Artists In Pain?

  Contact us today to be a part of the solution!  Host a Lash Happy Foundation Workshop to help us spread the knowledge of how to Lash Pain Free!

Let's work together to create a different outcome for you, one that keeps you feeling amazing and lashing as long as you want to.



The world's FIRST platform designed to teach lash artists how to stop pain & extend their lashing career.  Online and In-Person Workshops available.


Let's jump on a call to set a customized plan in motion to help you lash at your happiest & healthiest.



I've been there. I know the pain. I can speak to the heart of lash professionals & get them ready to make a change.

You're in the right place!

Join the WORLD'S most comprehensive Lash Artist course for pain prevention & stopping it in it's tracks.

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"This is amazing!!! So happy I could cry! I haven't been this pain free in years!"

Rain H
Lash Professional

"[Lash Happy Academy] has shown me with a few tweaks I can make lashing a longer career. I was worried what I would do in a few years if the pain persisted."

Alexandra M
Lash Professional

"Taking the Lash Happy course really has made my lash career so much better. I’m a lot more comfortable throughout my daily lashing. Thanks to the stretches, I’ve been able to do longer days without as much pain."


Want some relief now?

Sitting all day with clients, feeling tight or tired?  Download our FREE guide of stretches made specifically for beauty professionals. Print it out and keep it handy at your station!



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