Malaena Kelson first learned to lash like most lash artists do now; with a flat tile placed next to the client's head.  Right away she started trying to figure out how there could be a faster way.  Precious seconds were lost, which turned into minutes, having to reach to the side of the client to grab a lash.

When you first learn eyelash extensions the learning curve can be steep.  Bending over the tile to grab a lash or make a volume fan, can also be very tiring and hard on your back.  Over time Malaena noticed these difficulties and was determined to solve them.  She started with her leather motorcycle glove and cut the fingers off.  That quickly became too hot...eventually she came up with a wrap.  Something that would allow her hand to breath, and the Velcro allowed her more control over where she wanted to place her tile and lashes.  She made her first prototype and gave it to her lash artist as a gift.  They both discovered that it cut down on lash appointment times and helped ease back pain. 
After that she knew she had to share it with others. 
It might look like a wrist brace at first glance, but let us assure you that the materials, design, and comfort were all made with a lash artist in mind.  The lightweight acrylic tiles can be customized for your individual needs.  Life is made up of little moments and we truly believe that "it's the little things that matter most".
The LashWrap is now patented and has been sold on every major continent to over 25 countries.  In addition to easing back pain and speeding up appointment times it has also proven to be a great wrist support and can be used as a tweezer holder as well.
Since developing the LashWrap she has also become a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist and created multiple courses for ALL Beaty Professionals to stay healthy while working.  This job can be tough whether you are an Esthetician, Hairdresser, or Lash Artist.  You can find the latest available courses on her instagram page @malaenakelson.
She has spoken at conferences about the importance of creating healthy habits and loves to help educate others in the industry to prevent pain and stop it in its tracks.  In her search to find health for herself she created the Juicy Roll...a unique tool that works the connective tissue in the body, targeted for professionals who do repetitive movements daily.  
She loves to help encourage others to take control of their health, take their own power to heal back, and enjoy a life without pain.
Ps.  Learning to apply Lash Extensions with the LashWrap will immediately put you ahead of the curve.  You won't struggle changing habits later on down the road.  Share this with whoever taught you lashes, we believe every lash artist shouldn't have to go through such a tough learning curve.  If you would like to sell or train Lash Artists with the LashWrap, just send us an email! hello@lashhappyacademy.com