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Half Day Workshop


If you are a Beaty Professional, Salon Owner, or a Lash Company who is ready to make a difference in your community of Beauty Professionals, let's book a private workshop.

Each workshop is 5 hours long for 8-20 people (size of location may limit class size).

Everyone in attendance will learn basic lashing or treatment room ergonomics, how to reduce the top 3 pain problems for Beauty Professionals, get a full body Juicy Roll Fascial Release class (this is an incredible experience), receive 1:1 personal and specific instruction, and create an action plan for your future!

You will also get a chance to try a wide variety of tools; chairs, loupes, the LashWrap, etc...and access to hundreds of dollars' worth of special discounts.


Depending on Class Size

*Ask about special perks for Hosting*


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What is Juicy Rolling?

It's a technique created by Malaena Kelson, Founder of Lash Happy, that targets the entire fascial system.  Fascia is your connective tissue that wraps in and around all your muscles and bones.  It is responsible for carrying waste away from cells, moving electrical impulses from your brain to your body, and keeps your bones in proper alignment.  These are just a few things among MANY others...

Beauty Professionals sit in certain positions ALL day long.  They also use each side of their bodies' disproportionality.  Without taking care of the fascia, long term microtraumas can have massive effects on the physical body, and dramatically reduce their career length.

Malaena has developed a tool and exercises that targets the fascia specifically to keep Beaty Professionals healthy, working and living happy.  You can use the Juicy Roller at home whenever you need it, but there is something extra amazing and special about the FULL BODY fascia rolling session included in the half day workshops.  We think it's pretty magical and Malaena will walk you through a full session while also teaching basic fascia principles that will change the way you look at, use, and function IN your body.

Email to schedule your workshop today! Or schedule a call HERE!