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Fan Off The Strip Lashes - CC Curl .05mm

Fan Off The Strip Lashes - CC Curl .05mm

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I have always loved the idea of not having to use any extra effort, movement, or time to make a really beautiful volume fan!

"Fanning off the Strip" has always been my preferred way to make fans and has also been the most effective at saving time when also using the LashWrap.

If you have been making volume fans for very long than you probably know that the tackiness of the strip can MAKE or BREAK a volume fan (and maybe even you, because it can be stressful).

When I first learned volume fanning 7 years ago, I wondered why some days I felt like a lash fanning superhero and other days I could hardly make it work.... or why my tweezers worked yesterday, but not today, and then I realized all lashes and lash strips are not created equal.  It actually wasn't my tweezers!

I went on the search for the PERFECT fanning lash. I've been in the industry for 10 years and I've tried every lash imaginable. Continually searching for the perfect blend of tackiness on the strip, but also a lash that was matte, soft, and wouldn't lose its curl.

I knew exactly what I wanted and even though it took 7 years...I've created the most AMAZING "fan off the strip" lash extensions.

The tackiness, the texture, the color, the feel, and the curl are all perfect! They made my appointment times improve even more after 7 years of making fans!

They made me excited to do lashes giddy. My hands didn't hurt as much (not pinching so hard) and I KNEW I couldn't hold onto this magical lash all for myself... I just had to share it!

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